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These chips made me wanna slap someone at Kettle chips. I feel like they owe me $4.50.

I’ll have to say I liked this bar about 90%. I’m probably going to get some hate mail, because any time you say you don’t care for something healthy people jump all over you. I didn’t say I hated it. I said I mostly liked it.


Spicy Cheese For The Win!

A good friend of mine sent me some cool cheeses all the way from Idaho. Both of them were pretty good especially the ghost pepper Colby Jack. I’ll be makin some ghost pepper flavored nachos later….


These chips were pretty good. I hope lay’s keeps them around for more than ten minutes like they do with everything else that tastes good.


These were hands down the best pickle flavored chips I’ve eaten. Now that I have tried them, the makers of chips need to stop with the crazy flavors. It’s time to stop o a good note.


These things are magically delicious! I found them while shopping in a new Asian market here in town. I hate to say it, but I like the Strawberry better than the chocolate…

No, I’m not dead. hahahahahaha

I finally got something posted! I’ve been fighting one friggin cold after another. I’m finally over them all. I also got a fan pack from a buddy of mine who lives in Australia. The chips were pretty good, and the chicken salt would probably taste amazing on a baked potato. I guess the Aussies like it on French fries (chips). I’ll be trying that soon. Thanks for hanging out while I had the bird flu. I have about a dozen reviews in the editing stage that should be up soon, so stay tuned!

A&W Root Beer Flavored Pop Tarts

Another blast from the past that you can still find at your local Walmart. These were 100x better than the nasty Orange Crush variety.

~ Enjoy


I reviewed these last summer, but for some reason I never published it? You can still buy these through and most Walmart stores. Still don’t like em…

Belching Beaver Beer!

Mmmmm belching beaver! They were both delicious even though I liked the imperial stout better. I got mine from BevMo up here in Washington, but you can buy it through their website if you wanna try it.

~ Enjoy