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Halloween Crunch FTW!

Mmmmmmm sugar that turns your milk green….


This crap is hot for popcorn. I’m not a fan of Carolina Reapers, soooooo I kinda didn’t like this popcorn. If you like the burn, you should get some of this stuff.

Hooray for Fan Packages!

Hooray for finally breaking the 10K subscriber mark! This stuff was delicious! Thanks Carl!


This crap was HOT! I don’t know what kind of chilies they used in the sauce, but it burned the top and back of my throat bad enough that I couldn’t talk. My stomach started to cramp on the first attempt. The second attempt just re-lit the fire from the first try. Haven’t failed this bad in a long time…..

If you want to try some of these noodles you can get a 5 pack for less than $10 on Amazon.


These chips made me wanna slap someone at Kettle chips. I feel like they owe me $4.50.

I’ll have to say I liked this bar about 90%. I’m probably going to get some hate mail, because any time you say you don’t care for something healthy people jump all over you. I didn’t say I hated it. I said I mostly liked it.


Spicy Cheese For The Win!

A good friend of mine sent me some cool cheeses all the way from Idaho. Both of them were pretty good especially the ghost pepper Colby Jack. I’ll be makin some ghost pepper flavored nachos later….


These chips were pretty good. I hope lay’s keeps them around for more than ten minutes like they do with everything else that tastes good.


These were hands down the best pickle flavored chips I’ve eaten. Now that I have tried them, the makers of chips need to stop with the crazy flavors. It’s time to stop o a good note.


These things are magically delicious! I found them while shopping in a new Asian market here in town. I hate to say it, but I like the Strawberry better than the chocolate…