Well Sunday we all got together and did a little sight-seeing, apple picking and steak eating. It was a long day but pretty fun. The weather was perfect. Now we have enough apples to keep us all “regular” for weeks. Here are some pictures.

We drove past the Polar King restaurant. The mascot was supposed to be a polar bear but it looked more like a giant rat. I need to eat there….

Here are some pictures of Mt Hood (up close) and Mt Adams (distant). The weather was perfect so you could see for miles.

This is the place we picked all the apples. They give you a wagon and turn you loose.

This is where Hayden and Carson learn that nothing is free….hahahahahahaha¬†¬† Once we let them have a go at the wagon, they wouldn’t let go.

We ended up with jam, honey, apples, apple turnovers, cherries and even peaches.

Driving home along the Columbia River was pretty cool. The sunset looked different around each bend.