Today is the first day of the new Fall quarter here ay Clark. My class doesn’t start until 1:00pm but I thought I would get up at the usual crack of crow pee and catch the 7am bus. That way I would have all morning to do school work, study, relax, and so on before my class. And if I make myself get up early, I won’t be tempted to get all lazy. I’m proud of myself, I made my lunch last night, and I even got up on time and made it to the bus stop fifteen minutes early. I feel like a dope carrying a lunch box around with “bringing your lunch isn’t cool” but I figure this way I am saving close to $100.00 or more each month. I refuse to eat it in the library like Chester the human horse does every day. I pride myself on being able to real so I know they don’t want crumbs all over the books…besides, it’s nicer eating outside in the fresh air. Last night I was brain storming on ways to pay for school this quarter since my financial aid has been put on hold until I pass this next class, and I remembered reading a story in my student success class. It was about a kid who didn’t have enough money to go to school full time so he made up a pitch and asked for donations and loans from just about everyone he knew. He made it sound like a savings account. You put your money in the “stay in school” bucket and when he graduated, he either paid you back with a little interest or you just called it even. He ended up financing his whole college education like that. Who knows, I may could print up a few donation bins “milk cartons” with my face on them and a sales pitch. With my luck, everyone would think it was a joke or a scam. Can you still take classes in jail?

This last week has been pretty eventful. I actually baked real bread and no one was poisoned. I finally finished customizing the cabinet my mom bought for the kitchen and we installed it Sunday. I still need to do some finishing work but for the most part it turned out fairly decent. I haven’t done any cabinet work in about 20 years so I’d say that was an accomplishment. I watched a bunch of movies new and old. Most were pretty good but one was horrible.