I should have posted this earlier to keep from forgetting what I actually saw. The ride to school was pretty uneventful, no one was pawing at each other or comparing boils like usual. There was a pretty crappy mom feeding her very young kids chips and candy at 8:00am but other than that, not much. On the way home, things got better. Some of the things I see during my daily trek seem unreal to the casual listener but if you know me, you know I have a freak magnet somewhere inside me that attracts those who live on the fringe of society. It used to piss me off but lately I have learned to embrace my super power and even use it to lighten my day, EVERY DAY.

      Anyway, while I was riding the bus home from school, I saw an older woman get on the bus that reminded me of the oldest woman on the television show The Golden Girls. She is a rather short woman who couldn’t have been taller than maybe four feet seven inches tall. When she sat down her feet missed touching the floor by a few inches. Next to get on was a kid that couldn’t have been more than 17 years old, and he decided to sit next to the older woman. He looks to be pretty outgoing and strikes up a conversation with the older woman and everything is going fine. The third person who gets on is carrying a white cane and sits in the front seat next to the pair mentioned before. A few stops down the road the older woman gets up to leave the bus at which time the blind woman yells “Oh my God, she’s so tiny!” This peaks the interest of the rest of the passengers on the bus and they all watch as the blind woman goes on about how short this poor woman is, and how usually people tower over her, and how finally she has seen someone she towers over. Finally as the woman exits the bus the blind woman is on her knees in her seat watching the short woman and as we drive away she yells out “Oh my goodness, she’s like a little squirrel!” which got a giggle out of the rest of the bus.

      You would think this is the end, but oh no, this is public transit we are talking about. Now the high school kid and the blind woman are sitting next to each other and talking. The kids asks her what her “stick” was for when right away the bus driver yells out in an irritated voice “She’s blind”. He voice had that hind to “You dumbass do ask her that” in it. She wasn’t even phased by the question and told him she could kind of see but she had no depth perception and could only see the outlines of large object, so she was considered legally blind from birth. As soon a she said this, the kid throws his hand up in front of her face and says ‘How many finger am I holding up!”. You could almost hear the whole bus do a face slap at the same time but they seemed to hit it off. The blind woman squinted and guessed three, which was right, then chatted for the next few stops. They both got off at the same corner and all we could hear as they were exiting the bus was the woman telling the kid how the doctors wanted to scoop her eyes out when she was a kid but her mom wouldn’t let them. When the bus was driving away I did notice the driver quietly shaking his head. He was probably thinking “just when you think you have seen it all” to himself.

      This is why I ride public transit every day. It used to be an inconvenience but now it’s a source of amusement, kind of like my own little Jerry Springer show on wheels. Borrow