I need to dig out my old badge holder and use it to hang my camera around my neck. That way I would stop missing all of these “money shots”. I decided to drive to school today instead of taking the bus, and along the way I stopped for a bagel. On the way out of the parking lot, I saw what appeared to be a very large lumberjack looking fellow driving an older Toyota Tercel which by itself isn’t any big deal, but what caught my eye was the big Titanium Cowgirl sticker that covered half the back window…..how cute. Instantly, a conversation between dad and daughter popped in to my head. “Daddy, you can drive my car until your monster truck is out of the shop”. “Really? Thanks sweetie”. Then, half way through Ole Duke’s commute to local the lumber yard where he splits trees with his bare hands, he finally figures out what has been blocking his rear view mirror. What can he do other than just say “DAMNIT!” under his breath, then sink his six foot five inch frame as low as possible in his daughter’s teeny tiny import car, and drive on. Hahhahahahaha