I thought I would check in since I haven’t written anything in a day or so. I have spent most of my time working on my one project for this quarter. I am writing a twelve page research paper on “The Fat Tax”, which is the tax the federal government wants to place on all sugary and fatty foods. The subject seems to strike a chord no matter what side you are on. That sounds like a perfect subject for my opinionated self. Heh As for the bus, it’s been kinda slow. I didn’t have to go to class yesterday and today all I there was only one guy that sat next to me and giggled to himself the whole trip. He didn’t have any headphones on so he must have been amusing himself. That’s fine. I do that myself some times.

Currently there are two girls mumbling to each other on the other side of the library in that tone that sounds like a mumble three miles away. One of them has been talking almost constantly for 30 minutes. It’s really irritating. I’m leaving now so I don’t care any more. I should walk past them and clack their heads together on the way out.