Last night I watched a movie called “In to the Wild”. It was about a kid (Christopher McCandless)who had a pretty normal upbringing, did well in school, and graduated with honors from some big name university, then decided to drop out. He donated his life savings, packed his backpack and hit the road. He decided not to tell his family where he was going so the whole time he has traveling, they thought he had been killed or kidnapped. He roamed the US for almost three years, and supported himself by taking odd jobs which gave him enough to get by and keep traveling. One of his biggest adventures was when he bought a second-hand canoe and paddled from Lake Mead to the Gulf of Mexico, then had trouble trying to crossing back in to the US with no identification. He back backed in and around the California desert, Oregon, and Washington State. He finally ended up doing what he had been planning since leaving school, which was hitchhike to Alaska to live in solitude and live off the land. He managed to survive for 117 days before he succumbed to starvation and accidental poisoning after eating some plants he thought were edible. He was found two weeks after he died by hunters, but no one knew who he was. He had thrown away all forms of ID years before and had only been known by his first name. The movie was based on the diary he left behind, and bits and pieces gathered by authorities when they tried to find out who he was. Kind of a sad story but its one of those you can stop watching once you sit down. In some ways I envy his thinking or maybe his spirit. Some times the happier people are the ones who depend on or own very little. The reason they don’t have a lot of worldly possessions is because they don’t feel the need to have them.