My right shoe is alive. I know shoes don’t normally come with brains so they usually have a hard time doing anything more than sticking to ones foot. Mine are different. Not both of my shoes, just the right one. My right shoe seems to be the re-incarnated soul of a really annoying person. It doesn’t matter how tight I tie the laces, they always come undone about 100 steps from home. Most of the time it’s raining and I can hear my shoe laughing at me as I drop my pack and kneel down on the wet pavement. Why can’t my problem shoe just listen to my good shoe and do what it’s told. I don’t ask much from my shoes. I usually only wear them to school then I take them off as soon as I get home. As far as shoes go, these live a charmed life. So why does one of them insist on defying me. How do you discipline a shoe? Can you discipline a shoe? I really don’t know.