“In remarks prepared for a speech Thursday to the conservative Heritage Foundation, McConnell says it’s all part of the effort to deny Obama a second term in the White House in 2012.”………

I just love that song… How’s it go?? “I see your true colors, shining through….” Yeah that’s it. The leadership of the GOP has had and continues to have absolutely no interest in governing this country. They are only about obstructionism… How they sucked in enough of a majority to even stay in power is a tribute to the inability of their constituents to have a creative thought. This country, which indeed has been the best implementation of government for and by the people can not and will not continue to survive with the attitudes of our leaders as promulgated by the Republican leadership. It’s too bad. This was a very nice experiment in democracy.

Why is it when I think of Republicans these days, all I invision is Don Ameche’s character in Trading Places where he yells down at Eddie murphy through gritted teeth “I have nothing to give you!”