So, what have I been doing over the past few days? Well Friday, I played hookie from school. It wasn’t really hookie, because I asked my professor if I was going to be missing anything important. She said no, and told me to enjoy my birthday. Since I had the day off, I decided to go do something I wanted to do like spend money in a grocery store. I am such the food dork. Since moving to Washington over a year ago, I have been complaining about the lack of home grown, artisanal type food. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know I can find these foods in Portland and Portland is only a five minute drive from home, but Portland sucks. I swear the whole city was planned by an autistic eleven year old. The layouts of the streets are a complete mess. You would think with all the hippies up here I would be able to find something close to home but I guess the bumpkins out weigh the hippies and cancel out their good food joojoo. Well that was until Chuck’s produce opened up a few weeks ago. Back in California, I used to shop at a local fancy shmancy mom and pop grocery store named Cosentino’s. Everything they sold was top notch. It may have cost a little bit more than your average Safeway but it was really good quality and for the most part, locally grown. Chuck’s turned out to be a smaller version of that. I think I spent an hour just browsing the isles. They had really good produce, a small but really nice looking meat selection, and a pretty good looking deli section. I ended up buying some sourdough bread from their in house bakery which turned out to be the best I have tasted since leaving the Bay Area. They even had Pelligrino water! And it was on sale! That happens to be my favorite bubbly water, and I haven’t seen it anywhere up here until now. I ended up treating myself to a chunk of cheddar mixed with port, some fancy olives, and some herb dusted cheese curds. I was a good boy and remembered I was on a budget or had no budget and only spent $20.00 on my little birthday feast. I liked what they had but I will have to wait until I have a job before I become a regular. At least I know where I can get the good stuff now.  Later that night we all went to Bill’s Chicken and Steaks “my new favorite chicken place” and ate ourselves silly. Hayden and Carson were really well behaved. I was almost shocked. I know they are still pretty young but being loud in a restaurant is one of those things that drives me crazy, and I have been known to yell at people for doing. I hate it when the kids act up and annoy the people around us. A few times in the past, I felt like hiding under the table during melt downs. I guess you could call a quiet dinner free of tears was a present in itself. Afterward we went to Brian’s house for cake and presents. I got to play blocks with Hayden and Carson for about an hour. Its pretty fun, I may have to break out my old Lego’s. After we killed the cake, we all watched some old Ant and Aardvark cartoons from back in the late sixties. I remember Brian and I watching those when we were Hayden and Carson’s age. It was funny seeing how much the kids liked enjoyed them. I wonder if that was how Brian and I looked when we watched the same cartoons.

The rest of the weekend was a complete wash. I started spring cleaning and shredded about 100 pounds of old school papers and mail. I watched a lot of movies but other than that, not much else got done. I used to like the movie “Reality Bites”, but when I watched it this time, I was forced to fast forward through 90% of it. I guess my movie preferences have changed over the years. Wynona Ryder is still fun to look at but the rest of the movie sucked ass. I also watched “Bring Him to the Greek”. The previews looked funny but what they showed on television turned out to be the best parts of the movie. The rest of it sucked.

I can’t believe this quarter is almost over. I only have a few weeks left. Then it’s back to a full load and no free time what so ever. Woo hoo!