I don’t know why I don’t post anything when I am home with nothing to do? This past week was pretty good but it was a little upsetting as well. I received a certified letter from my uncle who is handing my grandparent’s estate. It seems he finally sold their house up in the Copperopolis California. The letter contained four checks which would have normally gone to my father but since he is no longer with us, my brother and I split what ever he would have inherited. With the stroke of a pen, I went from counting my last fifty dollars and change to paying off all of my debt, and having the rest of my school expenses pair for. Having my finances straightened out in one day makes me VERY happy, but the package also contained a copy of the real estate flyer that was used to sell the house. All of the pictures on the flyer were sad to see. I have so many good memories from that house. My Grandparents lived a few hours away so we usually only visited during the holidays and the house was always packed with relatives. We had some really good times. Seeing the house with no traces of my grandparents made me sad. My grandfather passed away in 2008, but my grandmother is still with us. She recently turned 94, but she is suffering from a severe case of dementia so she rarely remembers anyone.  It’s hard to visit a loved one when they don’t know who you are. I want to thank her for basically paying for my education, but I know if she has a clear moment and finds out her house was sold, I wouldn’t want her to be upset. I think I will just thank my uncle and send my grandmother a huge baguette of flowers.

            I spent Veterans Day with my brother and one of his friends who is ex-army like us. My brother said we needed to go to Applebee’s because they had a special veteran’s menu all day. At first I didn’t want to go because I am kind of touchy about being called a “vet”. My military career was anything but spectacular. Ever since I was a kid I dreamt about being a soldier, but thanks to down sizing, and an early discharge, the most spectacular thing I ever did was drive a big truck in White Sands, and drink too much. I have always been proud that I actually was enlisted and despite being let go early, I was at the top of my class and a decent leader; I just don’t think my time holds a candle to those who have given life or limb serving their country. Anyway, that’s how I feel. I did enjoy hanging out with my brother for a day, and I thank Applebee’s for the yummy bacon burger.