I have decided blerb about all of the movies I have been watching.

Last night I watched “Me and You and Everyone We Know”.  I love movies about dysfunctional families and their odd situations. Most people probably wouldn’t care for this movie but I loved it. It’s basically a story about a family that split up and all the weird things that happen to the family while the two kids spend time with their Dad in his new crappy new apartment. Dad the shoe salesman meets a kooky woman who drives seniors around for a living by day, and is an aspiring performance artist by night. Dad’s two sons have a lot of spare time, so the younger one starts messing with adults in an on-line chat room, and the older son messes with the local bitchy girls from school. It’s kind of difficult to really describe this movie other than it being a twisted snapshot of a really dysfunctional family, and that’s why I liked it.