Tomorrow is the last class for the fall 2010 quarter. I am sitting at about 98%, so I should pretty much be expecting an A in the class. I have already signed up for winter. I’ll be taking Chemistry, Lifespan Psychology, and Medical Terminology. Scheduling around Chemistry was a pain in the butt. It came pre-packaged with labs and a study hall type class that’s one day a week. That means it takes a huge chunk out of the possible time for all other classes. Now I am taking psychology and medical terminology on the main campus in the morning and the Chemistry class is at the Columbia Tech Center. The Tech Center is on the other side of town but its right around the corner from home, and it doesn’t start until four o’clock so I have plenty of time in between. It’s going to be a busy schedule, but then again, the rest of school from here on out is going to be busy. I don’t really have too many more GE classes left. Sometime next year I will be taking the CSA course “certified nursing assistant”, which would mean I could finally get a job. It may only be a job at a nursing home, but that’s where I may end up anyway.