Recent movies watched and my crappy reviews of them.

This week’s movies were kind of all over the place. I started with Eastern Promise, directed by David Cronenberg (2007). The movie was kind of like reading a book by starting from the middle. It’s clear that a teenage girl dies, and the movie is about the Russian mafia in London, but you don’t know a whole lot more than that. People end up not being as they seem, there is a pretty graphic fight scene in a men’s steam bath, and a few squirty throat slashes to keep things interesting. Viggo Mortensen plays “the Driver”, and actually pulls of the whole Russian mob thing pretty well. I kind of liked the movie. It’s was kind of a organized crime thriller, and would definitely see it again.

Next was Law Abiding Citizen, directed by F. Gary Gray (2009). This was a good ole revenge movie.  Gerard Butler plays a family man who’s life gets thrown upside down when his family is murdered by robbers. He ends up getting screwed by Jamie Foxx’s character who is a public defendant. In short, bad guys get let free, good guy turns out to be a real pissed off good guy who uses previous job skills to take out his anger on the legal system. Lots of fire, cool killy type gadgets, and mayhem. What more could you want? I kind of didn’t like the ending, but overall it was pretty entertaining.

Lastly was another Aussie film named Danny Deckchair, directed by Jeff Balsmeyer (2003). The story is about a stuck in a rut cement worker (Rhys Ifans) who misses out on a chance to take a vacation when his girlfriend lies to him about why she can’t go with him. He gets pretty down; he thinks his girl friend is cheating on him, so he decides to buy a bunch of helium, and balloons to see if he can lift himself off the ground.  The drunken stunt goes bad during a BBQ where his friends accidently let him fly up into the air. He ends up flying halfway across Australia where he is finally shot down buy some fireworks being set off in a small town out in the country. He crash lands in the back yard of the single spinster type played by Miranda Otto “better known as Eowyn from Lord of the Rings”. The two of them end up being friends even though she doesn’t know why he fell out of the sky or why no one is looking for him. She is too busy enjoying all of the new attention associated with having a new man. Everything goes a little crazy, but ends happily as usual. I thought it was a fun movie, and worth seeing again.   

And here ends another round of crappy reviews.