I finally decided that my hair was against me so I cut it all off. I have been losing my hair for a few years now and up until a few months ago my head looked ok. However, recently it started looking patchy. Patchy like worse than Phil Collins and his little horse tail he had sticking out of the middle of his forehead. Mine decided to be all patchy on top and the bit that was just off the back of my head decided to start growing straight up. This made me look like a turkey whenever I let it grow longer than half an inch. I refuse to look like a turkey, so I shaved it all off. Now instead of looking like a dirty watermelon, my head looks like a giant breast that’s missing a nipple. Now all I need is a fake stick on nipple and my next Halloween costume will be complete. I will have to say that having no hair makes life a little easier. I will never run out of shampoo. I will never, never need a comb, and I will never have a case of bed head ever again. The down side of being bald is the weather. I notice the cold up here in Washington a LOT more since I shaved my head, and I am sure I will now have to be extra careful this summer. All in all, I like it. The bristle even helps keep my fleece cap on when it is windy.