WOW! I came real close to going off on some shit head that was riding the bus today. He was one of those guys that’s hard to tell if he is drunk, coming down off of some drug or just born that way. Of course he runs his mouth throughout the whole ride. He started babbling to a younger kid, and the kid seemed pretty uncomfortable with all of the attention, but he didn’t want to agitate the situation by ignoring the guy. We all got to hear how he lived with his parents and they didn’t let him do shit. Then he went on to tell us all how his dad, who has Parkinson’s, fell and broke his knee and the doctors couldn’t fix it so they threw out all the pieces, and so on, and so on……..Then he spots off about how now he has to do everything for his dad, because he’s kinda retarded now. Then he starts talking about how his disabled dad has to hear diapers, and how his dad’s gonna die in those things because he ain’t changin shitty pants!

At that point I had enough and asked him if he could lower his voice. I was trying to resist the urge to wring his neck like a chicken. Surprisingly he lowered his voice without smarting off. For the rest of the trip, all I could think of was “you piece of shit! Your parents let your ungrateful lazy ass stay at their house, and you treat them like crap!” I’m still pissed. I kinda hope he’s on the bus when I head home. I may just give him a little talking to.

Why do I want to become a nurse? It’s because of shit heads like Mr. Bus Guy, who neglect disabled people who need/deserve help. Many elderly and disabled either can’t or need help taking care of them selves and deserve a hand. If I could just help one person in need it would make all of this school/training worth while.

I wrote this a few weeks ago, and for some strange reason, I never posted it. Mr. bus guy still pisses me off. I think I’ll slap him if I ever see him again. Three cheers for public transit!