Argggg, today be Christmas Eve. Usually I hate the holiday season. I don’t hate the thought of Christmas; just the shopping mayhem that seems to have taken over all of our major holidays. Funny thing though. I may be changing my attitude towards all of the festivities. I was watching a holiday cooking show of all things, and the chef that was cooking away said something that I didn’t expect. He was in the same boat as I am, thinking Christmas was over rated and out of control, but then he had children and that all changed. He went on to explain how seeing the holiday season though again through his children’s eyes had renewed his holiday spirit. I guess the same thing has sort of happened to me. I don’t have any little kids per say, but I do have two little nephews and its pretty fun to see how they view the world. My world was pretty different at three and four years old, and it’s nice to be reminded of those times while I get to play trains, blocks, and cars with Hayden and Carson.