Recent movies watched and my crappy reviews of them.

Well well well. This week’s movies started off with yet another Aussie made movie called The Horseman, staring Peter Marshall. The movie is about a father “Peter Marshall” who sets out to avenge his teenage daughter’s death. She had been drugged, raped during the filming of a pornographic movie, then left to die in an ally. Mr. Marshall tracks down each of the people involved with his daughter, and kills them. This quest for revenge includes a lot of scummy under world types, some corrupt police officers, and a lot of brutal knife/hammer/sledge hammer/gasoline type violence. This movie was pretty violent, yet I couldn’t stop watching it. Maybe the violence was diluted by his reason for bashing and killing the bad guys. You almost feel sorry for him even though he does some pretty brutal things to the bad guys. Over all, I thought it was a pretty good movie that was violent yes, but also a thriller.

Second was a movie called Before the Devil Knows you Are Dead staring Philip Seymoure Hoffman, and Ethan Hawke. This film was about two degenerate brothers, both in need of some quick cash. One is on the verge of divorce, embezzling money from his firm, and the other is just a looser who doesn’t make enough money to pay his child support. The older brother, played by Hoffman, figures he and his brother can make some extra cash buy robbing the family jewelry store. He figures the things they steal are insured so they can make a safe buck off their parents, and use it to pay off all of their debt. The robbery goes sour.  Their mother ends up being killed during the heist, then all hell breaks loose. The brothers try to cover their tracks, but fail. In the end there is more murder, and more mayhem, followed by everything crashes down around them. The movie left me feeling sad for all of the parties involved. During the course of the movie, you can watch a family come completely unraveled and fall apart. As sad and depressing as this movie was, I would watch it again. For some reason, I am drawn to movies based on dysfunction, and this movie was dysfunction to the tenth power.

Finally we have Grown Ups. This was another cookie cutter story about a bunch of childhood friends who used to play on the same sports team when they were young, and end up coming back together when their old coach dies. The cast ranges from Adam Sandler to Steve Buschemi, and that is the only reason I watched the whole movie. I think I can probably name about 50 goofy movies that follow the same story line. There were some funny parts here and there but not enough to watch it again. Like I said, Kids win game – grow up and move away. Kids that lost never amounted to anything after losing the game. Winners come back – challenge is thrown out. Good kids beat bad kids. The End. Been there, done that.