I spent the last day of my winter vacation chained to my desk. I had to go through all of my papers from last quarter, and then ready all of my folders, and books for tomorrow’s festivities. Tomorrow morning is going to come as a shock, because I just got used to waking up at the crack of 10:00am. Yeah! Psychology at nine in the morning! Three days a week I have a chemistry class in the evening, and two days a week I have medical terminology for an hour and a half. That leaves the middle of the day pretty open for study and travel. The chemistry class isn’t on the main campus; it’s across town at the Columbia Tech Center. That’s fine because the Tech center is only about five minutes from my house.

Oh, what is my picture of the day? While I took a break from paper sorting, I was looking at the candle I made way back in the second grade. I still can’t believe that at seven or so years old, we were handed glue, grout and broken glass for a class project! Thankfully, no one in the class lost a limb, and my trusty old ghetto stained glass candle holder still works.