Recent movies watched and my crappy reviews of them.

Since I couldn’t sleep last night, I decided to watch a movie via Netflix. I picked a movie called Precious which was about a sixteen year old girl growing up in Harlem. She is pregnant with the second child by way of her father, she is in high school but illiterate, and lives with a VERY abusive mother who only keeps her around for the welfare check. Precious has been abused her whole life, and when things start to get bad, she relies on her vivid imagination to save her. She ends up getting expelled from school because of her pregnancy, but the principal feels sorry for her situation, and tells her about a special school for troubled teens where she would get taught one on one instead of in a full class. Finally, she separates herself from her mother; then tries to gain custody of her first child which has special needs. Throughout all of the mayhem in her personal life, she is excelling in school, and finally realizes that an education is her ticket out of the ghetto. The ending is somewhat of a surprise. One that’s sad, yet happy at the same time. The movie was pretty violent, but I would recommend it to anyone who likes movies that deal with personal struggle, and adversity.