I watched a movie on Youtube called Darth Naga vs. the Naga Viper. Apparently a billion scoville units weren’t enough, so some boob developed a hybrid chili “Naga Viper” that’s almost double the heat of a Bhut Jolokai chili. The Jolokai peppers only kill your taste buds for about two days so I could see why someone needed more heat. I have grown up eating chilies of varying heat, and actually prefer a little spice with my food. My last binge involved four Habanero chilies with a burger and fries. It wasn’t a bet; I actually like them with my food every now and then. As for the Viper, I don’t see the purpose? Chili heads will tell you that most super hot peppers actually have a sweet fruity taste when you first chew them. They do, but with these new hybrids the millisecond’s worth of the fruity flavor is instantly overshadowed by the hours of searing pain. I don’t plan on eating one any time soon. I’ll leave them for the idiots trying to settle dares and drunken bets.