Freakin WordPress! When I say load, I mean load! Now I’m late. I missed the January 14th post. Oh well, it was conceived on the 14th. It’s only been a few weeks, and I am bound to miss a few more before the year’s end.

So here comes the end of week two, and so far things are going well. I pretty much have a handle on things. I am even the preferred study partner for Chem of all classes. I was able to un-cloud two fellow students in two days. That’s funny because I hate chemistry. This is a long weekend, and I have nothing planned except for studying as usual and using the extra day to study more. Riveting! I know. I almost can’t hold back the excitement!

I need to get out, and do something. The travel bug is biting me again. I have been wanting to go on a fun road trip for years. I want to drive what’s left of the old route 66 before it’s all gone. I have traveled parts of it, but each time I was on leave from the Army, so I was always rushed. I did get to see the sunrise over the painted desert one of those trips. I didn’t have a camera with me so I have that image framed in my head. Some day I want to go back and get a proper picture. I have some wild stories from that corner of the country. I need some more though…

“that’s not my picture…I borrowed it….I didn’t have a camera…..remember?”

Heh, ramble ramble ramble…….