Ha! late again. I guess I’ll end my year on the second instead of the first….

Today was a good day. I got up at a reasonable time, got some studying in. I finished my new batch of flash cards for my medical terminology class, and I even took a nap. Later I got a call from my brother. He asked if I could come over and watch the kids for a few while he went to rescue Amy and her friend from a wine tasting trip over in Portland. I guess they had a little too much and didn’t want to drive home. Hahaha rescuing tipsy mommy meant I had a chance to hang out with my nephews. We watched vintage 1980’s Transformer cartoons, played with blocks and about 1000 matchbox cars. I even hopped on YouTube, and showed them the Dutch farting pig cartoon. When I left, they were still singing along with the cartoon….DA DA DA DA da da da DA DA da “PFFFT PFFFT Pffft” DA DA DA DA da da da DA DA da  “PFFFT PFFFT pfft”. I’m sure my brother will thank me tomorrow for teaching them such useful things. Hey, what are uncles for?  

Oh, In case you were wondering what the farting pig song is, follow me =>                             http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2X2k2V0twM