Here is another batch of photos for my “picture a day” project.

(1)I took this while I froze my ass off waiting for the bus. Looks like the public library needs a new roof.

(2)Looks like the police are handing out jay walking tickets again. Stupid name for walking against the light. They must be bored.

(3)Over yonder, just past the building and under the plane, are the suburbs of Portland.

(4)We didn’t see the sun for about 5 days. Rain has slowed today, but the rivers are all raging.

(5)I tried to catch some rain. Almost.

(6)See! Mr. Potato Head is real! Who do you think writes this blog?

(7)The sun! It’s still alive! Opps, it’s gone again…….Ten minutes worth of sun is six days. Gotta take it when you can get it I guess.

That’s all for now… I love how I spend hours putting these damn entries together, then when I post them, WordPress throws it all together which ever way? Oh well, so my blog looks like shit. It’s free so I can’t really complain.