OK, who stole my weekend! I did a lot, but I’m so tired from working on school crap that I feel like I didn’t get anything done. I need to get better at balancing these damn classes. None of them are really hard in any way, just lots of memorization. I think I’m back up to about 300 flash cards. I seem to be having issues switching from one subject to another in the same sitting. I was working on my Chemistry homework this afternoon, and ever since, I have been aggravated. All of my work is done on-line through a McGraw Hill program called Connect. Every time I try to use it I get pissed off. Each answer that requires any kind of super or sub script or some brackets, NEVER enters correctly. Today I missed 10 questions because the shit software didn’t recognize my entry even though it was correct. I’m SO glad some boob in the science department loved this program. It’s supposed to make things easier for instructors to grade and keep track of students, but I think it has too many flaws to be relied on so heavily. So now I get to write down all of the problems I got right, but were marked wrong by connect, so I can argue them with my professor. NICE! Now I want to find the person responsible for this craptastic software and kick them in the face.  

This evening, we went out and had Mexican food for dinner. The restaurant is right around the corner. I had a big bowl of menudo with a side of rice and beans. That was about six hours ago, and I still feel like I ate cement. I guess that’s what you call a good deal, one meal that lasts for a week. I even have leftovers. Oh joy. Well, I have to try and get some sleep…..damn, missing rants as they come to me kind of takes the venom out of the post. I had something real irritating to comment on, but I forgot. See, SEE what you all miss when I am running with a cloudy head.