Well here I am posting at 11:00 pm again. I can’t seem to get my act together earlier. I just ran in to an old Army buddy through FaceBook that I haven’t seen in almost fifteen years. It’s funny how much we have all changed since leaving the service. Everyone is all responsible now. No more drunken brawlers.

I am starting to see commercials for the new season of nineteen kids and counting. It’s the show about the Dugger family and their nineteen kids. There is a quick snippet where dad Dugger is talking about momma getting pregnant again. My first though was of the National Geographic article on how the earth’s population will reach 7 billion this year. Why on earth would someone choose to have that many kids in this day and age? That’s not a family, that’s a litter. Momma is also in her forties now and oh look, their latest child was born with special needs. Maybe they need to brush up on their developmental sciences and stop having children. The risks of having children with special needs gets greater and greater with age. Can they honestly think that more is better? Then again, I guess people coming to their senses makes for bad television.