Sort of a crappy review….

I just finished watching a movie called “180° South”. It was about a guy who was a world traveler, surfer, mountain climber, etc who ran across some old film footage. It was taken during a trip some now famous people “one being Yvon Chouinard” took back in the sixties down to Patagonia to explore untouched wilderness, do a little surfing, and do some climbing. Yvon ended up living in Patagonia and doing great things for the conservation of Patagonia’s wilderness. The guy who found the old footage “Jeff Johrson” dreamed for years of traveling down south and retracing some of the steps made back in 1968 by Yvon and his friends. Jeff decided that flying was too easy so he got hired on as a deck hand on a private boat that was headed to where he wanted to be. The whole trip ended up taking about six months. He ended up meeting a lot of cool people along the way including a fellow surfer who lived on Easter Island. She dropped everything and tagged along, and even ended up doing some mountain climbing with the rest of the group. While in Patagonia, Jeff stays with the two of the men in the film, who are sort of his heroes because they were the maverick adventurers of the generation before Jeff’s. The film shifts towards the fight to preserve the Patagonia wilderness which is being destroyed by industry, but it is still packed with spectacular imagery from the coast to the mountains. The movie reminded me of some of my earlier travels down the coast of Baja with all of my friends. At the time we were witnessing the vanishing of one of the last frontiers and we didn’t even know it. The coasts of Baja have changed so much over the years that I probably wouldn’t recognize any of it now. I’d love to head down their again, but it will never again be as it was in my youth. Maybe those places are best left as they are in my memories. The travel bug is still gnawing at my brain. I need to start another adventure soon, even if it’s just me and my camera. Something. There is too much out there that I haven’t witnessed.