I need to catch up on my crappy reviews……

First was a movie I first watched way back in the 80’s. I thought it was cool back then mainly because Adam Horovitz from the Beasty Boys was making his movie début, and back then, the Beasties could do no wrong…It was mainly a story about a gang of right little white kids in the LA suburbs. He ends up in a private psychiatric hospital where he befriends his shrink played by Donald Sutherland. Basically it’s a “rich, spoiled, wannabe criminal gets in trouble, meets nice guy, nice guy help spoiled kid, spoiled kid tries to change, spoiled kid almost screws up, but ends up a nice spoiled kid who eventually goes home”. There, that’s pretty much the whole movie.

The next movie was called “Felon”. Someone breaks in to an honest citizen’s house, honest citizen chases criminal out front door, and cracks him in the head with a bat, which kills criminal. Good citizen ends up in Folsom Prison for a few years. He ends up in a guard run fighting ring, kind of like dog fights. The guards are betting on who wins the daily fight. Good citizen has never been to jail, and is about to get his ass beat when a jail wise lifer played by Val Kilmer takes him under his wing, keeping him alive. Good citizen eventually gets out, and all is well. Kilmer plays a pretty convincing convict, but the movie’s story line is pretty farfetched. I know it’s a movie right? Yeah, I know, but sometimes I have issues watching movies that are a little too much. Anyway, it was a decent movie. I kinda liked it.

The best movie over the last week had to have been Whip It with Ellen Page, Juliet Lewis, and Drew Barrymore. Ellen Page plays a typical invisible high school kid in a tiny Texas town. Her over bearing mother used to be a beauty queen when she was young so she is practically forcing her two daughters to follow suit even though they hate it. While shopping, Ellen Page’s character watches a bunch or roller derby girls drop off a stack of flyers for an upcoming match. She is smitten by how tough they all looked, so she sneaks off and tries out for the derby. She lies about her age, and gets accepted on to one of the teams, and gets in to the whole roller derby madness right under her parent’s nose. There is the whole parent child blow out, broken adult/teen romance, and lots of the fun kinda violence that roller derby can deliver. This movie reminded me of way back when I was about six years old, and my parents took me to see a roller derby match. I think I only got to go because they couldn’t find a sitter. Hah, just my luck. To this day, I think that was one of the three coolest things my parents ever took my brother and I to go see.