I have been meaning to write this for a few days now, but I am lazy.

I have issues with my nose. For as long as I can remember, all scents no matter how expensive and popular, smell like soap to me. I hate it when people ask me how I like whatever fragrance they happen to be wearing because I always tell them it smells like soap. My sense of smell is so out of whack that when I am around those types of people who like to bathe in their “ode de twalet”, I feel like I can’t breathe, and I have to get away from them. This brings me to my one night class, and the fellow student who seems to be late for every class. She smells like a Yankee Candle store. It smells so strong I feel like I’m walking past one of those damn stores in the mall. Good thing she is always late, because she ends up either sitting right in front of me or right behind me. Either way, I almost have to pull my shirt up over my nose to keep from passing out, and falling over on the floor. OK, I may be exaggerating a little bit, but I really can smell the woman before you can see her.