I just finished scanning about a hundred old photos. I think I have about 800 more to go. I was supposed to be studying, but Mom was cleaning out some stuff from her closet and found a moving box full of old photos. Of course I posted a bunch of them on my facebook page. Not the cute ones…oh no, these were some of the ones that make my brother look like a boob. What are brothers for right? Now I can get him back for all the times he beat the crap out of me when we were growing up. Little brothers tend to be punching bags, but it’s all good now. I am holding on to a picture of the two of us, where brother seems to have peed himself. That’s the picture we keep for special payback sessions….hehehehe All in all, today was a good day. In Psych, the kid sitting next to me was face down on his notepad “I don’t know how he was breathing” and snoring like hell. I shook his desk to save him from being called out by the professor, but he kept on snoring. Then I poked him with my pen and scared the crap out of him. This evening was my Chemistry lab. This specific lab was new for this quarter, and apparently the genius who put it together didn’t know there was going to be two different versions of the same book being used in class. The stuff we were working on was covered in chapter 12, but if you bought the cut down version of the book that was supposed to be specifically for Chem 121, you were missing chapter 12. I guess they forgot. I on the other hand spent the extra $40.00 for the complete book, because I can use it for three other classes, and it has chapter 12. I’m glad I didn’t skimp on the books this time around. Tomorrow night I have an exam in Chem, and I think I will be ok. We had a practice test yesterday that only took me about 6 minutes to finish, and I got them all right. I don’t want to get too confident, and fall on my face so all day tomorrow I will have my face stuck in my book.