Today was a pretty action packed day. It started off with me waiting for my morning class. I was about 40 minutes early so I was going through my terminology flash cards while I waited for the previous class to let out. As I glanced in the window, all of a sudden the whole class scatters in all different directions then they all start to file out of the room. They all seemed visibly shaken and mumbling about what had just happen. It turned out that one of the students had a seizure during class and fell out of his seat, and landed face down on the tile floor. By the time the class had emptied, one student was on the phone with security, and the professor was on the floor with the student. By the time the paramedics arrived, the student was sitting up and looking a lot better. I guess he had been under a lot of stress lately, and hadn’t been eating or drinking enough to keep his system happy. The seizure was his body’s way of letting him know it needed attention. While he was being wheeled out to the ambulance, he looked more embarrassed than injured. Someone I had been talking to said they had seen someone have a seizure when they were in high school, and the paramedic had placed a towel over the kids head to hide his identity. That seemed kind of stupid since he had seizured in front of 200+ people. They already knew who he was? I’m sure this kid was pretty embarrassed, but I would rather be embarrassed and ok than be seriously injured.

Earlier in the week, I made a stop at the Asian market that opened a few months ago to see if they had anything new that I had to try. They did! The 500+ gallon lobster tank was full of yummy lobsters waiting for a new home. We made plans for a nice night of gluttony which turned out to be tonight. On the way home from school, I picked up two nice steaks then later we picked out two lobsters, and some manila clams. I wasn’t planning on picking the largest ones in the tank, but since I have never picked live ones from a tank, the ones we did get were rather large. Mine was around three pounds, and Mom’s was just over two pounds. Honestly they didn’t look that big when the guy pulled them out of the water, but mine almost didn’t fit in the pot. Everything turned out great! We both ate way too much, and now I think I am going to have nightmares of giant lobsters wearing sombreros or something weird like that.    

My and my litt…..I mean big friend.

Mmmm snacks while we wait for everything to cook.

I think they grew while they were in the pot. The sure didn’t look that big when they came out of the tank.

Mmmm beeefy.