Today was a fun filled rage session trying to replace our friggin modem. You would think if you had a customer that spent $170.00 per month on your services, you would be able to replace the equipment YOU supplied them with like a DSL modem. That way the customer would think you actually gave a crap about their business. In Qwest’s case that would be a no. I called the Qwest customer service department, and said our connection was constantly dropping. They said the lines were fine so it was probably our modem. I asked the little weasel if they would replace it since they were the ones who gave it to us, and he said “No, but feel free to go to Best Buy or Target, and buy a new one”. I said they should be the ones who should replace the modem because it belongs to them, and he said “we could replace it, but we would just tack the price of the unit on to your bill”. He then tells me to make sure we buy a Qwest modem, because that’s all they know how to troubleshoot over the phone. I now hate Qwest even more than before.  Once I bought another $50.00 modem, it took me three hours to get it to work. No one here knew the user name or password on the account, so I had to get that from Mr. Customer service. Of course he misspelled the user name over the phone twice which caused me two hours in trouble shooting the main connection, the wireless, their account settings for my address, and so on. Everything is now fixed , and I still hate Qwest with a passion, and I am now considering switching my current package to Comcast. Everyone seems to hate Comcast, but they have always worked for me, and the cable connection is 10x faster than DSL.