OK, one, I’m lazy. Two, posting multiple pictures on one post is a pain in the ass. WordPress likes to let me do all this work trying to put everything where I want it, then every time I hit post, BAM! The pictures are all over the place. Starting today, I will be posting all of my daily pictures on Flickr. It’s just easier to keep track of my daily stuff, and they offer a lot more space. I will post the URL every time I upload a new batch of photos just in case someone cares. I seem to have a lot of groupies who like to stay anonymous, so they never comment on anything. I know they are there because I can see the view counter tick away. That’s fine, quiet mice are better than no mice at all.


Today was flash card day! If you want to make some quick money, you should invest in the companies that print flash cards, because I am using millions of them. Four chapters of medical terminology = about 200 or so prefixes, suffixes, and root words. I am having a better go at the slower class. I tried to take an accelerated class a few quarters ago, and was blown away. This class I am in now rolls at a nice pace. I like it.

Every time I star whining about not having my own family and so on, something happens that makes me thank my lucky stars that I am single. I just got an email from my brother saying the kids were having a good ole time in the bathtub, and ended up slashing just about all of the water out of the tub and on to the floor. The water seeped through the floor and soaked the ceiling of the garage and the entry way. Now my brother has to have the ceilings, and insulation replaced or it will eventually mold. Today must have been DEAD quiet because I know he is uber pissed. This means they won’t proceed with their kitchen remodel like they were in the process of starting. I jokingly told him to get rid of the tub, and start hosing them down once a month in the backyard. They are little boys; they are supposed to be smelly. I haven’t received a response yet, so I am assuming he is still in no mood for humor. Heh I’m afraid to take any pictures, because I will get duped into helping with repairs. Screw that, I already spent a few days replacing sheet rock that had been soaked in cat pee. The cat was gone, but the walls still had cat funk on them. That was enough fun to last me a long time.