Here are some more movies I have recently watched and my crappy reviews of them…

First was The Town, with Ben Affleck, and Rebecca Hall. The movie is about a group of Irish thugs from Charlestown, who like to rob banks, and armored cars. During one robbery they take a hostage to ensure their getaway. They drop her off on the other side of town, but soon find out that she actually lives in their neighborhood. Ben Affleck’s character “Douggy” pays her a visit to see if she would recognize any of his crew. She doesn’t know who he really is, but naturally they interact, and start up a relationship. Later, when the FBI starts closing in on Douggy and his ring of thieves, they tell her who she has really been dating. “Claire” aka Rebecca Hall gets pissed, and ends the relationship, but never rats. Affleck’s crew answer to a higher level boss who wants them to do more and more robberies, and explains to Mr. Affleck’s character “Douggy” that if they don’t do them, he will kill Douggy’s new girlfriend. Lots of things go wrong, lots of people get killed, and there are gunfights that rival the bank heist scene in the movie Heat. The ending is almost predictable, but not so much that the story line sucks. I have a soft spot for movies involving the Irish mob, and I like big gunfights, so naturally I liked it.

Second was Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Scott Pilgrim “Michael Cera” is in love….In love with a 17 year old girl. He is 24, and doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal, but his friends always tease him about it. Scott plays in a band that is slowly rising in the ranks of Canadian garage bands, but really no one knows who they are. Scott is growing anxious about the fact that his 17 year old girlfriend isn’t putting out like he would like her to. Then, while at a party, he sees the girl of his dreams! Unfortunately for Scott, in order to win his new love’s hand he must fight here 30 or so previous boyfriends. The movie is half about Scott, and his dysfunctional relationship with his friends, and love interests. The rest of the movie is like a cheap video game. Every time Scott defeats a foe, they burst in to a pile of change like in Donkey Kong. The movie was pretty goofy, and I almost didn’t get all the way through the whole movie. The only thing that saved it was the fact that I like most of the movies involving Michael Cera, however, I don’t think I will be buying this DVD any time soon. I’m just glad I waited to watch it on Netflix, and not the theatre. I think I would have felt a little cheated if I had paid $20.00 to see this film. If you are in to goofy movies that play out like old video games, then this is the one for you.

Third was The Expendables with a whole lot of “older” action heroes. The movie is about a group of aging mercenaries who get hired to overthrow a rinky dink South American island government. Things look bad, but since Sylvester Stallone’s falls for the local cutie, of course they have to follow through with their plans. The cast was chalked full of action stars like Dolph Lundgren who looks more like he’s spent the last ten years sleeping under a bridge, and Sylvester Stallone, and Mickey Rourke.  Stallone and Rourke look like poster boys for the fight against bad plastic surgery. I liked the character Rourke plays in the movie; I just think he looks more like a mannequin now than anything else. The movie almost played out like an old episode of the A-Team. Millions of rounds fired, and the only ones that make their mark were the ones from the good guy’s guns. It’s the same old cookie cutter story as the old Stallone movies, but the only thing that makes this one stand out is how much money must have been spent on actor salaries. It was a fun one time movie, but much the same as Scott Pilgrim, I’m glad I didn’t watch this in the theatre.