One thing that really irritates the shit out of me is people who actively pursue married people. To these rubes, being married is only a challenge. I witnessed this last week, and still want to slap this guy. I was running late, so I decided to eat breakfast at school. I gave them my order and was standing there at the counter waiting for them to cook it, when this guy starts hitting on the instructor. She is the one who watches over the new people while they get hands-on training with a flat top grill. She has a very obvious wedding ring on her finger so one would assume she was married. This new guy who looks to be in his late forties just started the “grill” section of his training, and he is one of those people who thinks every woman on the planet is madly in love with him. He ignores my breakfast order, and starts hitting on his supervisor. He asks her if she would like to hang out after class, or get a drink, or whatever, and she politely raises her left hand and shows him her wedding ring, and says “sorry, but I’m married”. This doesn’t seem to faze him, because he asked her “well being married is just a state of mind” like she was planning on following him home right then and there? I am getting irritated, because nothing is being done about my order, and I have to be in class soon. The supervisor sees me burning holes in the back of this guy’s head and starts making my breakfast. The guy still doesn’t even know I’m there, which makes me even madder. I felt like using a line from Deuce Bigalow, and tell him “Hey man, try to get laid on your own time!”, but I didn’t. The supervisor hands me my food and apologizes for the delay, and the dipshit she is training just goes “Oh, my bad”. I felt like saying, “yes, it is your bad. She’s married and obviously not interested in your dumb ass. Keep your mind on your work or I’ll have to beat you with a tray!” I don’t understand why people do that. Being married means you are no longer available, and people need to respect that. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore because “Mr. Everybody Loves Me” has been missing for the last few days so maybe his Casanova ways got him booted from the program. Now he’s probably hunting for more married women someplace else. I guess I’m just making a big thing out of a little thing, but I still want to slap him for giving men a bad name.