I decided to take a break from my homework, and throw something out in to the abyss. I need to quit writing so late, so I can actually get to bed. I just finished reading an article about sleep. From the sounds of it, we need sleep, and if we don’t get sleep we can die, but they don’t know why. I’ve had my issues with getting enough sleep. I have these cool Uncle Fester rings around my eyes for years, and I always thought they were from me never getting enough rest, but now that I have taken on the task of scanning about 3000 old family photos, I see that I have always had rings around my eyes. They weren’t always this dark, but they were always there. Oh well, Fester it is I guess. Today I cooked up three pig tongues in the hopes they would make a tasty sandwich for lunch, but they didn’t turn out to be as good as the beef tongue I cooked a few months back. I think the beef tongue tasted better because there was more of it. The pig tongues are a little small, and apparently require a different cooking technique. They won’t go to waste. I plan on having one of them tomorrow with some scrambled eggs. I should take a picture of that.

Tomorrow, I need to take my broken grill back to Home Depot. I like the size, it’s a Webber grill, but the “new” design allows the gas to ignite in the neck where the bottle attaches to the grill. I like grilling and all, but I don’t like rocket like flames three inches from the fuel source. I want to trade it in for a proper grill that uses the big white gas bottles. Once we get all set up with a proper heat source, I can finally get to cooking all of the odds and ends I have been collecting in the freezer. My first endeavor will be grilling pig’s feet. I have never cooked pig’s feet before, but it can’t be that tough. I plan on cooking them at a real low temperature, and baste them with coconut water so they get all glazed, and crispy. MMmm pig parts. I also recently found a source for inexpensive ox tails. Ox tails were super cheap until all the damn foodies found out they tasted good which drove the price WAY up. I refuse to pay $14.00 for three pieces of cow tail when the same three pieces only cost $2.00 a couple of years ago. Anyway, those are my plans. I should probably get back to my homework. When I finally get cooking again, I’ll post some pictures of crispy pig’s feet, and some lip smacking osso buco.