We had a little excitement at school today. The fire alarm went off half way through the lecture in my Psychology class. All of the classrooms on my side of the U-shaped building filed out in to the little breeze way, and the classes on the other side of the U just sat there and listened to the alarm scream in their ears….After a few minutes, there were security guards yelling at people to move down to the sidewalk that runs along the parking lot. Half way to the sidewalk, the rest of the classrooms decided it would be OK for them to leave as well. I don’t know what they were waiting for? Five minutes later a big ole fire truck showed up; then five minutes after that, we were told the class was cancelled. I never saw any smoke, or any flaming people running around? The building has a little common area with a coffee bar in it, so maybe someone burned a bagel?  Once again I left my camera at home, so I took these pictures with my phone….how can you tell?

This is the fire truck pulling in to the parking lot just outside Hannah Hall.

This stupid girl thought I was taking her picture even though I was holding my phone way above my head. She gave me a dirty look so I replied “Don’t worry, that pumpkin head of yours didn’t ruin my picture”…..yeah, like I’d waste any memory space on your dumbass.

She looked away after I said her head looked like a pumpkin.  hahahahahaha

I need to remember to bring a real camera with me every day. This is the second time in a week that I ended up with crappy pictures of cool stuff because I had to use my phone.