I think I have finally decided what classes I will be taking next quarter. They are as follows: Medical Terminology 2, English 103, and Nutrition. I am trying to keep myself from getting too frazzled so I will be taking one “fun” class per quarter while I can. This time around it’s English 103, which is supposed to be an advanced creative writing type class.

 I got two of the three mid-terms back today. So far I got a 95% on the Terminology exam, 93% on the Psychology exam, but I’ll have to wait for Wednesday to get the lab mid-tem back. Tomorrow I get to spend some one on one time with my Chem professor, because I sent a cool little e-mail complaining about the stupid on-line course work we are required to do for the class. I keep getting things marked wrong that are really right, and it’s really pissing me off. The software is from McGraw Hill, and it sucks. The home work would normally only take an hour, but thanks to the broken software we have to use, it drags out to about three hours. Here are some problems I pointed out to my professor.

The gas law problems basically work out to be 7.1 (22.4) = 159.04 but the home work program insists that the answer is 160? From everything I’ve been taught .04 doesn’t round up? Trying the problem again with different amounts gave the same answer. 5.3 x 22.4 = 118.72, but the program insisted that the answer was 120, and marked it wrong? I still can’t believe that the school now depends so much on this program. Yes, it makes it easier to keep track of a lot of students, and their work, but its WAY to temperamental and ends up costing me loads of time.   


Significant figures….that’s how those two problems turned out the way they did….I had a nice moment of clarity when I woke up this morning…..

OK. I’m gonna edit this is red so I don’t get 3000 comments. At least I’m man enough to tell myself I made a stupid mistake on something I posted for the general public to read. It just goes to show how infuriating connect is to work with. It’s like a little kid poking you in the back on the head while you are trying to figure out what you did wrong, which pisses you off, then you start to make stupid mistakes….I’m probably still going to get a few hundred comments….

While I was killing some time in between classes today, I noticed something strange in a vending machine that gets very little attention. I have never seen anyone buy anything from this machine before so I can’t vouch for the freshness, but then again none of the milk containers are swollen so they have to be good right?

 That’s right, White Castle hamburgers that have been in a vending machine for at least a week. Now that’s a mark of quality. We don’t even have a White Castle in the State of Washington, so I am guessing they are frozen. Now I am wondering how old these “used to be frozen” burgers really are? Like I said before, the package isn’t swelling, so it’s probably OK to eat……right? I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with these burgers. I’ve never had a White Castle burger, but I don’t think I want the first to come from a machine like this….