Well so far, today has been a wasted day. I’m glad this is a three day weekend…I have a Chemistry exam coming up next week, so I’m going to have my face stuck in a text book for the rest of the weekend. Sometimes, I think keeping a blog is fun, and other times I think it’s a waste of my time. My life is anything, but thrilling, I never go anywhere, and I never go see anyone, so some times all I can post is “same shit, different day” stuff. As for the “picture a day” post, I don’t think it’s going to turn in to anything until I am free from the constraints of school. I tend to be like a rat; I follow the same trails everywhere I go. Nothing changes, so the majority of the pictures I take are in the same places “same shit different day”. The account is free so I guess I’ll still post things once they have been deemed interesting. I hate wasting days doing stupid crap. All it does is make you tired. I just watched Ghost World. It was kind of a stupid movie. I’ll post my crappy review of it later. Anyway, there was a guy in the movie that sat at the same bus stop every day waiting for the bus. What he didn’t know was the bus’s rout had changed, and it no longer drove down that street. He didn’t care; he just sat there every day and waited for the bus. Sometimes that’s all I feel like doing….sit on a bench and wait for a bus.