Well that sucks. I ordered a new HP mini 210 net book a few weeks ago, but when it showed up today I noticed it had been damaged during shipping, and it was the wrong configuration. Now I have to send it back, and wait for a new one. They pay for all the shipping and stuff, but now I have to wait another two weeks for the replacement. What sucks more is its really cool, and I want to keep playing with it. I don’t want to throw it back in the mail tomorrow. Weak!   

Now HP wants me to do a survey abou tmy HP experience. If I complete the whole survey, they might give me a $200.00 Amazon gift card. That’s cool, because that would get me a new Kindle like device. The problem with the survey “provided by Keynote” is it keeps crapping out on me, and freezing up my desktop. Stupid Keynote!