Today was another day where I wished for a USB connection in the back of my head. That way I wouldn’t need to stop, or make a u-turn in order to take a picture of something neat. As I left the house this morning, I noticed that the sky was completely clear; unlike yesterday when it snowed all day. The sun was just starting to show on the horizon, and its golden rays were reflecting off of Mt. Hood making it look like a giant golden spike pointing towards the sky. Mt. Hood received a nice new blanket of snow from the storm that just passed through, so it was extra white today. I wasn’t going to stop where I was to take a picture, because there was too much stuff like trees crowding the view. Then about two blocks later I figured I could pull in to the parking lot I had just passed, take a quick picture, and be on my way. Too late, the sun had already crested the mountains and was shining so bright that I could no longer see Mt. Hood. This brings me back to my original statement about the USB port. If I had one of those, I wouldn’t have to stop anywhere if I was driving in order to take a picture, and all I would have to do is plug my brain into my computer at the end of the day to download everything.