Today’s school project might be kinda fun. In my Developmental Psychology class, we have to choose one of four possible writing assignments. They all involve some kind of observation of different age groups. I missed out on the first two, because my schedule was kind of crazy, but this weekend I will be attempting the “Naturalistic Observation of Adolescent Behavior and Development”. I get to go observe a random group of teenagers in their natural habitat “the mall”. I am supposed to find a group of feral kids, and observer their behavior for an hour without them knowing that I am listening. The more I think of it, the more this sounds really difficult. I am sure I can sit close enough to listen to what they are talking about, but I also need to avoid being picked up by the mall security for watching kids in a public place. I ceased looking like “Joe average teen” about 30 years ago. I hope I can pull this off. Oh, I forgot to mention how much I hate malls. Oh well, wish me luck. I headed out as soon as I get my inconspicuous notebook and wallet. I’m guessing the food court will be the best place to camp out..”burp”.