I don’t know what the hell I have been eating or drinking lately that has affected my dreams, but the last three days have been pretty vivid as well as bizarre. My dream patterns are pretty weird. I usually only remember bits a pieces of them or I don’t remember them at all. On the other hand, there are three really specific dreams that I’ve had about a dozen times or more in the last ten years. The last three days have been memorable ones. Last night I had a Top Gear dream where I was with the three hosts for the British Top Gear show. They were going to have a race from the top of a bluff down to the coast. Jeremy Clarkson was complaining about the race as usual, calling it a waste of time because of the long and winding road that led to the beach. I decided to ride along with Richard Hammond because he was driving a cool new and brightly colored orange Land Rover. As soon as the race started, Hammond shot out in the lead. I could have sworn I felt the g-forces as the car accelerated. Hammond looks at me and says he has a plan, then floors the gas and turns towards the stone safety rail. As we jump the railing, I look down and notice that the beach we are racing to is about ten stories below us. We end up crashing in to a tree that is growing out of the water, and an old roman looking house. Hammond is cheering because we finally beat that lump Jeremy Clarkson in something. As soon as we crawl out of the wrecked Rover, we are met by angry fishermen saying we damaged an ancient tree and a historic house. Hammond ignores the fishermen and walks up to the main street that runs along the water front. He points out an acropolis looking building that has the Top Gear stage set up inside of it, and a huge group of fans waiting and screaming for the Top Gear guys to show up. Hammond walks in to the crowd with his hands in the air, and my alarm went off.

Pretty weird.

In one of my other oddball dreams, I invited two friends of mine to an air hockey tournament that was being held in the local fairgrounds. They had converted the center of the oval race track in to a giant air hockey table top complete with the little air jet holes. We made our way to our seats because the announcer said the games were going to start, but when they blew the whistle, all we saw were a bunch of little kids zipping around with those annoying shoes that have wheels in the heels. I got irritated, and apologized to my friends for dragging them out to such a stupid venue. Then all of a sudden, “poof” I was in the forest with a bunch of hillbillies riding quad bikes at top speed. They were all running from a bunch of game wardens for some reason. I remember thinking to my sleeping self that if they were poachers, I didn’t want anything to do with them. Then one of them started shooting bottle rockets at the wardens then took off. I guess no one was hunting, they were just playing hide and seek. Then right when I was going to join in on the festivities; my alarm went off…..

Again, pretty weird.

These were the most vivid dreams I have experienced in years, and I’m glad they were pretty entertaining. I think I need to lay off the late night snacks….