Well to answer my previous post. “Not to travel”. It looks like just about everyone is going to be gone. I guess I’ll do my trip to Astoria and hang out by the ocean. I took my final for my Chemistry lab and didn’t do very well at all. To me, Chemistry is one big ass ache. I’m not going to fail the class, but I will need to do REAL good on the regular final which is next Tuesday. I should do ok on that. I told my mom that if I didn’t pass Chem this quarter; I should pretty much start thinking about doing something else. I am doing fine in all of my other classes, so why does Chemistry insist on poking me in the friggin eye? I’m really getting tired of being a student. I already had a ton of stress in my life, and this added grade stress that keeps banging me on the head is getting irritating. Maybe taking a trip to the coast will be good for me. Accept for the fish tank run, I pretty much haven’t left the house to go anywhere in almost two years so right now, I have the worst case of cabin fever. On top of that, the weather is shitty for 70% of the year so most of the time I couldn’t go anywhere if I wanted…..Well, that’s enough bitching; back to studying. Tomorrow’s exam is going to be pretty easy. Psychology is a pretty interesting, and fun class. That makes doing the class work and tests easier. My observation project came back with a 100% grade. Woo Hoo! Anyway, I have to get back to my study guide.

In the immortal words of Ren Hoek ”Good night…stupid”. Hahahaha