I have three words. Busy, busy, and busy. I can’t believe how fast this quarter went. Tomorrow night I have my lab final for chemistry. Then Thursday, I have an exam in my Psychology class, and Friday I have one last class meeting for my medical terminology class. The professor is giving us a take home final that is due the following Friday. The thought of a take home final sounds cool, but scary at the same time. If we have a full week to finish it, I can’t imagine what it is going to involve. Next Tuesday evening is my chemistry final, and that’s the last day of the winter quarter.

I was planning on taking a weekend road trip to California to visit friends, but hardly anyone is going to be home. Since I don’t have the funds to do much traveling these days; I may have to postpone it until a later date. I want to maximize my visitation time. I might still take a weekend road trip just to get out of the house. It’ll just be to some place around here. I really like Astoria, so maybe I’ll drive down the coast. We’ll see.