So I’ve seen a few movies lately, but I have been too lazy to review them. Not that anyone’s movie watching hangs on my every word; I just like to write crappy reviews.

The first movie was recommended by my Psychology professor. Babies, is about babies. The story follows babies born in San Francisco, Japan, Mongolia, and Namibia from birth to about two years old. There is no dialogue; just music. It’s pretty funny how really little kids are so alike no matter where they grow up. I enjoyed it a lot. My three and four year old nephews liked it as well. Once the movie started, they didn’t look away until it was over.

The second movie was The Lookout staring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Levitt plays a kid who leaves his high school prom drunk with three of his friends. They go speeding down a rural road, and end up in a horrific car accident which kills two of the four in the car. Levitt survives, but with a serious brain injury that destroyed his short term memory. Ever since the crash, he is forced to leave note cards all around his house to remind him what he needs to do including a cleaning job after hours at the local bank. Some bank robbers realize his handicap, and talk him in to letting them in to the bank so they can rob it. Half way through the robbery, he has a change of heart. Lots of gunfire ensues, lots of people get killed, and Levitt is eventually saved by one of his note cards. I know I just told you the ending, but I did leave a lot out. The movie takes a long time to get going, but it’s still mildly entertaining enough to keep you watching. It was one of those half way decent dark type movies that was good once, but I don’t think I’d watch it again.

Third was Ghost World, with Steve Buscemi, Thora Birch, and Scarlett Johansson. Birch and Johansson play two bitchy high school girls who try to get by after graduation. They try to get an apartment together, but Birch can’t or doesn’t want a job. On one of their outings, they notice Buscemi eating his lunch in a diner, and quietly poke fun at him. To make a long story short, Birch ends up falling in love with Buscemi, the Johansson/Birch relationship is on the rocks, and there’s an art class in there somewhere. The movie was 111 minutes long, but personally I thought it was about 100 minutes too long. The story line was pretty weird, but not weird enough to keep me interested. The Thora Birch/Scarlett Johansson factor wasn’t even enough to keep my attention. This movie received 7.7 out of 10 stars, but I think the people who gave it such high ranks, must have been watching something else? I’m just glad I got the DVD through Netflix. If I had actually paid theater prices, I would have been pretty pissed off. I know this is a pretty crappy review, but that’s what these are….crappy reviews.