This last week of the winter quarter has been pretty stressful. Partly because of the work load and partly from waiting to see if I passed a class or two. Chemistry AGAIN has been a pain in the ass. Hats off to anyone who is a real chemist, because the thought of taking any more classes of that nature gives me a rash. One of my finals was a take home test, and was handed out a week ago. Everyone thought take home meant easy, but it actually took me close to six hours to complete. It wasn’t necessarily had, but it did involve a lot of looking up words and meanings. I finished the test on Saturday, and since the only test I needed to take on the main campus was on Monday, I decided to drop it off then. I made sure to send the professor an e-mail stating I had slipped my exam under her office door on Monday, and asked if she could please let me know when she had it in here hand. That way I would know it was safe. Well I never heard from her for almost a week. She shares an office with two other adjunct professors, so all week I was wondering if she had my final, or it was picked up and thrown away because it was on the floor. Well she finally got back to me last night at 10:00 pm, and said he had my test. Cripes! It took her long enough. I was starting to wonder if I could fart out a replacement final in an hour or so when the original took me six hours. Then we stressed over Chemistry. The professor gave us a practice test that was REALLY difficult, and caused me to really doubt I could pass the final at all. I was a wreck by the time test time came around, but when he handed out the exam, I didn’t have any real problems with about 90% of the test? I did guess on a few questions, because I didn’t understand the concepts back when they were first explained to me, but for the most part, I didn’t think it was very difficult at all. I asked the professor if he could give me my final grade as soon as possible, because if I had to take it again, the sooner I sign up, the better. He got back to me a day or so later and said I had come out with a B in the class. I don’t know how I managed to pull that off, but I’ll take it.

Now I can relax for a whole two weeks. The spring quarter starts up on March 4th. Now I have plenty of time to catch up on movie reviews, bitch fests, and observations. I planned on writing more right now, but I just finished a big cup of coffee “the first coffee in close to a month” and it seems to have given me a case of the jitters which is causing me to type like a chimp. Looks like this marks the end of my coffee drinking. Our relationship has been a rocky one at best, and I think it’s really time we parted ways.