Here are some more movies I have watched, and my crappy reviews of them.

We started this week off with an 80’s classic, To Live and Die in LA. I remember seeing this in the theater back in the 80’s, and I liked it then; just because of the ending. The story is about a bunch of FBI agents who specialize in catching counter fitters. William Peterson plays an agent whose mentor was recently killed trying to put a gifted counter fitter “played by Willem Dafoe” in prison. Peterson is out for revenge, and is willing to break the law to put Dafoe behind bars. Peterson is paired up with a new partner, played by John Pankow, who is not too thrilled to be breaking the law to catch a criminal. They end up doing some really bad things in their quest to avenge the fellow officer’s death including accessory to murder, and theft. I won’t give away all of the details, other than the ending will catch you by surprise. It caught me by surprise back when I first saw it. I still think this is one of the better cops and robbers movies from the 80’s.

Next we have Val Kilmer in The Salton Sea. This movie is about a trumpet player who was traveling by the Salton Sea with his wife. They got lost, and while asking for directions, end up being in the middle of a shootout between crank dealers, and some masked bandits. Kilmer survives, but his wife is killed by one of the gunmen. Kilmer finds out that the gunmen were really dirty cops, so he puts together an alternate identity, who is a drug addict, and a snitch. He ends up working for the two dirty cops by setting up drug dealers. All the while he is setting up drug dealers, he is planning the right time to kill the two cops responsible for killing his wife. One of the dealers he helped bring down is connected with a Mexican drug cartel which gets a price placed on his head. Kilmer is juggling a lot of different dangerous things at once, and starts to lose touch with reality, but pulls himself together long enough to set up a psycho meth dealer named “Phoo Bear”, and kill the two cops who executed his wife back at the Salton Sea. The movie is kinda sad, because you feel sorry for Kilmer’s character, and the situation he is in, as well as for the people who get caught up by hard drugs. This movie has lots of gunfights, crazy drug parties, lies, deceit, and even a psychotic drug dealer with no nose, who likes to put the penises of those who cross him in with a hungry badger. The first time I watched this movie, it was playing in the back ground while I was doing something else, and I didn’t think it was very good. Now that I have sat still and really watched the movie, I thought it was pretty good. If you like watching gun fights, or stoned people do stupid things, you will like this movie.