This morning I went back to Pine State Biscuits for breakfast. It’s been a year since I ate there last, and in that time, they opened a new restaurant. The new building is still small, but it has an outdoor eating area. The original building had an outdoor eating area too, but that consisted of a bench right outside the front door. That made “eating out” a little awkward, because you got to sit on the little bench and eat your breakfast right in front of all the hungry people standing in line. It was one of those experiences where you just looked at your plate rather than look a hungry person in the eye. You could tell they were all staring at you while you ate, but there was no choice, they only have three and a half tables inside. The new place has a nice clean industrial look to it, with five whole tables, and an eating bar. We got there around 9:30, and there were only four other people there eating. I ordered the Super Reggie, which bacon, two eggs, cheese, and a fried chicken breast sandwiched in a big buttermilk biscuit, and gravy. I also had a plane biscuit with apple butter which was amazing. Their biscuits are almost a little savory compared to mine. I thought they were amazing.

The new store has a little more parking, and a few more tables. Low traffic makes it easy to get to.

The decor is kind of home town meets industrial. I kinda liked it.

 I had the Super Reggie, and a plain with apple butter. Mom had the regular Reggie.

Behold! The Super Reggie! And a bottle of the local habanero hot sauce called Secret Aardvark. Both were pretty tasty.