I know I’m gonna sound like a bad guy, but I really believe a lot of this mess could have been handled a lot better, AND sooner. I know it’s easy to criticise from my desk, but we have a burning reactor. That’s about the biggest “holy shit” situation as you can get. People should have never been told “according to our nuclear clock, the elf’s hand is on the three…that means no radioactive danger”. I know causing panic is bad, but the danger zones are growing every day, so people need to be moved. We will probably never know the exact human toll, but in the face of this huge of an accident, the government should have acted sooner to protect its citizens from possible radioactive harm.  

What has happened to Japan over the last few weeks; lets reflect. An earthquake and tsunami devastate a large portion of the eastern coast. Then a reactor breaks down and catches fire. In the realm of holy crap instances, the nuclear disaster just ran off the end of the holy crap measuring tool. So what does the stupid ass government do? They keep telling everyone that everything is fine? “I know you can see smoke billowing from the reactor, but out magic wand says it’s still OK”. One week later, the Japanese citizens are still being told everything is fine “there is radiation in the air, but our Palm Pilot says it’s still at a safe level”. Then while the reactor is continues burning, they begin to tell people to just stay inside. Stay inside what? Their houses….for the next 50 years? Nice going. Now they are telling people to stay inside, and to stop eating or drinking things from that area? WTF? Why are they continuing to tell the general public that everything is dandy? “A FRIGGIN NUCLEAR REACTOR BURNED TO THE GROUND AND IS LEACHING RADIOACTIVE STUFF INTO THE GROUND AND THE AIR”. That means get your asses out of dodge. Did they not pay attention when other disasters like Chernobyl happened? It’s a huge fucking deal. Now they are saying that traces of radioactive material are being found in the ground water. Well no shit. The stupid ass government needs to pull its head out of the sand, and wake up. The people living within the danger zone need to be moved. They need to stop telling them that everything is fine…..it’s not…

We all need to say a little prayer for the 300 volunteers who are currently working on the crippled plant. They know full well they WILL die from the exposure, but they are willing to give their lives to save their country. These men and women are true heroes.